Constantia Private Security

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Are you happy with your current security provider?   Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do your guards show up on time, or are there issues with tardiness?
  • Do your guards look sharp in their uniforms?
  • Do your guards submit clear/concise reports to you?
  • Are those reports, and your guards activity, available to you in real-time, or must you wait?
  • Do your guards have the ability to think quickly on their feet?
  • Are your guards and service providers properly licensed and insured?

If you answered no to any of those questions, and are dissatisfied with your current private security services, then you need to call us at 1-949-464-8273

Constantia Private Security, the security arm of Constantia Group, is a full services guard and patrol provider.  We provide only HIGH quality security OFFICERS with significant experience in their specialty.

We also incorporate a sophisticated system of reporting, which includes QR Code based guard tours, Geo-fencing for larger client locations, and Patrol Vehicles outfitted with Android Tablets.

Call Us Now! 1-949-464-8273