Constantia Private Security is a Local, Orange County based security services and training provider.


Being a service based company means we serve local clients using talent drawn from the local pool.   We have a vested interested in our community.   Our Company policies and procedures are not developed and implemented states or countries away, and adapted to our community.  Instead, they are formulated based on the needs of Orange County, specifically.

Since January 2009, we have been providing quality Private Security officers to clients throughout Southern California. We have solutions to fit your needs, whether you need uniformed or plainclothes, armed or unarmed officers. Our employees are of the highest caliber, have been trained in-house, and most bring with them the experience and professionalism of prior careers in the military or law enforcement.

(949) GoGuard or (949) 464-8273


The Mission of Constantia Private Security is to maintain an environment that allows it’s clients to conduct their lives and business in a safe and secure manner, through the provision of guards with superior training, high integrity, and unimpeachable moral standards, 100% of the time.


Our consistent quality of service comes through the use of military & law enforcement veterans, and guards trained through our own facility, bringing a multi-faceted perspective and approach to keeping our employees and clients safe.


  • Our clients,
  • Highest quality of effort,
  • Integrity of work, people and results,
  • Commitment to the personal success and professional growth of our people and our projects, 
  • Respect for our co-workers, customers, partners and competitors,
  • A commitment to charity through non profit work.

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Private Security Guard

  • A security guard’s role is to PROTECT people and property of his employer or contracted clients.
  • A security guard’s responsibility BEFORE an incident/offense has occurred is PREVENTION.
  • A security guard’s responsibility DURING or AFTER an incident/offense has occurred is to OBSERVE and REPORT.

The major responsibility of a security guard is prevention BEFORE an incident/offense occurs. Thus, a security guard should be highly visible. By being seen, the guard may discourage anyone who might be considering theft, damage, or personal injury. A security guard’s job is PREVENTION.

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